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Gun instead of taser

Everyone is harping and going on about Sean Carter, Roger Goodell, Kaepernick, the NFL, Eric Reid, and everything except the actual issue that is to be addressed. Sean Carter is a businessman, yet just like anyone else he is not above the law, and he can be reached just like the Billionare Jeffery Epstein. All the time spent talking about if Jay Z is a sellout or not has nothing to do with the numerous, and unjust ass whoopings and murders the United States police serves out on a daily basis.

Hands up don't shoot
Black Lives Matter

From being gunned down in our homes from "mistaken addresses", gunned down in front of our children, mothers, fathers, "dying in police custody", shot in our cars with our hands up. Coincidence is not a word that should be used. The atrocities of police brutality date back since the beginning of time, not just here in the USA, yet we are in the USA. The supposed Land of the Free, and Home of the trigger happy cowards. The Black Lives Matter movement was created, it was met with Blue Lives Matter, and All Lives Matter. When statics are shown, caucasian people are more susceptible to police brutality than their melanated counterparts, yet who makes these statistics?

The issue as a whole is that police reform is needed, mental health screening is needed, and intensive background checks are needed before allowing armed sociopaths loose on the streets with our citizens.

Calmly macing docile protestors

In many countries overseas police are trained for two years before even allowed to interact with the citizens. So why aren't we talking about that? Why aren't we upset that the men and women of our law enforcement aren't held to a higher standard by the city, state, and federal governments? Do you know? Just like many issues that plague humanity doesn't become an issue until someone is personally affected, then the effect is all the social activism. Yet why not mitigate instead?

With writing this article I now become someone else who had shed the light on the forever existing problem of hate, corruption, fear, and ignorance. No I don't wish to join the other activists in death, no I don't wish to be found dead in a river, my car, or my house. I don't do drugs, I'm not an organ donor, and i love my life and living. With that being said, go to your city council meetings, become active members of your community. Gather a team of lawyers to battle all the corruption and save YOUR WORLD. Not the entire planet, but just the part of the world that directly effects you. Being a public servant is hard, no doubt about it. Although there are numerous ways to subdue a criminal, and to diffuse a situation without taking someone's life.

Let's focus on being the change, and invoking some progress rather than verbally attacking one man that you'll probably never meet.

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