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Time for School?

2020 has been an amazing year with the election of our New Vice President, Kamala Harris, a black woman who has plans and ideas all her own. Don't get me wrong, I think it's SUPER DOPE to have a black woman in this office but I heard one of her suggestions about changing the school day that raised my eye brows. She suggested that shcool should close at 6 pm. I'm aware that this would aid parents who get off of work late, as well as, save on child care costs. But, what about the children. What about us? Most of us don't want to be anywhere for an extended amount of hours away from home. Homework, relaxing, playing the game, eating food at home are things I think about as I get ready to go home from school. I can't imagine having to be in school and extra two to three hours! But maybe that's just me, I'm sure the higher ups have a plan with a positive outcome. How would you feel about this change as a parent, as a teacher, as a student, or school system worker? Leave a comment :-)

McKenzie Harris

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