pj dakota -"just skate" (official video)

Directed by: Angie McClendon | Filmed by Spark It Up Media/J.Hatter Photography. Edited by:Sneak-A-Peek Films/InnerCity Productions.| Copyright 2020. This video/Movement is a Drama Free Zone. It's for Everybody. Just have a good time. JUST SKATE!

This is the official music video for the new single by PJ Dakota titled "Just Skate". "Just Skate" is the single and music video bloggers, DJs and tastemakers are calling the "Feel Good" anthem of 2021! After all the hardships and tribulations we as a nation faced over the past 12 months, "Just Skate" is the breath of fresh air we all need to clear our minds and relax. Watch the video above and post your comments below.

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