PETTY people don't mind voicing their opinions. Petty people speak their mind on social media, on the job, at church, at school, on a train, up in a tree, in a plane, in the sky, way up high... petty people will continue to speak their mind until they die, well now here in 2020 there is yet another way petty individuals can say what they want and that's through the PETTY MEME SYNDROME clothing!

The Petty Meme Syndrome brand offers everything from T-Shirts, to Tank Tops and more! You may purchase the apparel provided by PETTY MEME SYNDROME at

If you're PETTY and you know THEN your CLOTHES should surely SHOW IT!!

Check out the latest apparel from P.M.S. (Petty Meme Syndrome) below.

"We sell Petty Apparel because some are born petty, others grow into it or they were provoked into this lifestyle. Let us say what you always wanted to say." - Petty Meme Syndrome

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