ms. ke returns to the Midwest music scene with an amazing new single and video for 2020!

The whole team at DJ Soundz Grate would like to congratulate Kansas City, Missouri based songwriter, rapper and occasional singer Ms. Ke on her triumphant return to the Midwest indie music scene with the release of her latest blaring, roaring, bold, in your face music video and single "Where You Been At", the single that answers the question the fans have all been wanting to know. Ms. Ke is back and she is better than ever, leading the way, setting the standard and raising the bar for all the indie hip hop recording artists coming up under her.

Ms. Ke is a staple in the indie music and entertainment scene in Missouri and the Midwest and this latest single and video "Where You Been At" certainly lets the outsiders know why that is. The official DJ Soundz Grate website is certainly thankful to have the her music displayed on the site.

Get more information on tour dates, shows, appearances, new music, interviews and more from Ms. Ke on her official promo blog

Ms. Ke will perform live in Kansas City on February 11th for the Coast 2 Coast Live Artist Showcase, the largest artist showcase in the world. The show starts at 9 PM and it's ages 18 and up to enter. The event is being held at The Roxy in Kansas City, MO.

Come on out and watch Ms. Ke give a stellar performance! Visit the official Coast 2 Coast website at

Ms. Ke is in the building and she is taking over!

Want to see Ms. Ke perform in your city? E-mail and let's make it happen!

Another place you can get updates from Ms. Ke is on the Blacktopia Mobile App. and official Blacktopia website at

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Get updates on Ms. Ke on The Media Blast website. The Media Blast is the number one website for entertainment and music in the indie scene. Ms. Ke's official Media Blast feature is coming soon! View all the updates and features at

Ms. Ke is set to be the musical guest on an upcoming episode of the critically acclaimed sketch comedy podcast YESTERDAY NIGHT TAPED. Listen to the season premiere of Yesterday Night Taped on Spreaker at

Yesterday Night Taped is also available on Deezer, iHeart Radio, and Spotify. More episodes coming very soon! The entire cast is looking forward to having Ms. Ke's songs featured on an upcoming episode of Yesterday Night Taped. Keep checking back on Ms. Ke's official web page for details and more information on everything involving Ms. Ke!

Ms. Ke and her music is available on all platforms! Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and everywhere music is being sold digitally. Get informed and get familiar with more upcoming releases from Ms. Ke at

Ms. Ke is available for drops! DJs, if you would like to have Ms. Ke record drops for your mixtapes, mixshows, podcasts, etc. then e-mail your drop script to and label it "drop scripts for Ms. Ke". We will get back with you as soon as possible. Keep spinning the record and thank you for your support.

Ms. Ke was recently a guest on the prestigious J-O Podcast, and during the interview she talks about her influences, upcoming projects and more!  Listen to the interview at the direct link below

Ms. Ke said a lot of excellent things, get to know more about her in the interview at the link above.

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