Kali Ranks brought Lauryn Hill Back!!

We must've died and went to music heaven! What has he world done to deserve a gift like this? A bass line that dives into the depths of your soul, horns that electrify your nerves, along with a snare that makes your very body move to every strike. If that wasn't enough the Neo-Soul Goddess, Lauryn Hill levitates your very being in a time capsule of 90's premium essence.

Kali Ranks has been in the music game since the early 90's with his record "Kill Dem All" which got him signed onto Def Jam and Rush Records. Since then he's been back and forth from the background of the music industry to the front man. Yet for this day and age for anyone to have an actual soulful song with a living Legend like Lauryn Hill is someone who automatically has me as a fan.

The collaboration between Afimi Music Group and Amada Records will no doubt lead to the reincarnation of the music we fell in love with of yesteryear. "A Perfect Match" is just what the doctor ordered. That is just a taste of this man is bringing back to the game. August 23, Kali Ranks is dropping "Living Legends" LP and trust this is one you need to pre-order physical copies of.

Don't take my word for it though. Let the man tell you himself.

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