Green means go!

An astonishing awaking has happened for stoners nationally as The House Of Representatives votes to finally legalize Mary Jane. I'm certain Bob Marley is smiling from Zion right now. The decriminalization of the leafy relaxing herb has been hailed as being a "gateway drug" by which of course is unsubstantiated claims. Never has someone finished a blunt and said, "Hey let's do meth instead."

While cannibis remains illegal for the time being, the war on recreational marijuana will come to an end. Marijuana will be taken off of the federal controlled substance list, and some marijuana-related crimes will be expunged of off people's records. States will soon follow the trend of Colorado, and simply tax the herb to get funding to go back into the communities.

Certain sections in the MORE Act will fund community programs for people previously convicted of marijuana-related crimes.

It seems things are changing at a rapid pace.

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