• Christina LoBianco

Finding My Joy Again

I recently decided to give my notice to my current day job. It came after a period of turmoil followed by a time of quiet and reflection. Although not an easy choice to make, it was necessary to become the happy and confident person I was before.

After I made my decision to leave, I didn’t realize it, but my soul felt an immediate reaction. My last week at work, many people commented on how happy I appeared, and I realized my body reflected the relief and peace in my heart.

When one decides to leave a job that offers a stable paycheck and other plentiful benefits, there is oftentimes a feeling of fear or anxiety that comes with the uncertainty of the future. The exact opposite happened to me. Anxiety and fear seemed to lift off my shoulders after having made that decision.

With fear and anxiety leaving my life, it left room for being able to start finding joy with my family once again. It left a place for hope and the ability to enjoy the moments I had previously spent negatively reflecting on stressful and angry times.

While I’m job hunting, I’m also working on my greatest passions outside of my family; writing and editing. I’ve been able to put time into my current book, and next week, I have another book-signing event. I look forward to meeting people who share a love of reading, and I greatly enjoy being able to share my work with others.

Slowly, I’m finding my joy again. I’m excited to have more moments of peace and reflection, and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s around the next corner.

I share all this with you to offer encouragement as you pursue and find joy in your lives. I am truly honored to have the opportunity to write for you, and I hope it will offer many ways of building happiness and joy to your lives. It’s often said that when you write about the things you love, it has the most impact on the lives of others who read it. I hope to share the joys and challenges of many different things I’ve experienced.

I look forward to this new blogging journey, and I hope it is enriching and rewarding for you to read as it is for me to write. I am honored to be a part of your lives.

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