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2020 Presidential Campaign, make it count!

2020 has made quite an impact on us! With the Australian wildfires, Corona, and many loved ones dying; including very famous icons. We can't control these unfortunate events but we do have control over who we want to lead us during this pandemic.

This year Joe Biden, Kanye West, and Donald Trump, the current President of the U. S., are running to lead the United States of America. I myself, am not old enough to vote but I am old enough to encourage my family to vote and so are you! Voting is our chance to voice our opinions and have a say in something very important that will most definitely affect us.

I honestly do not like Trump, neither Joe Biden and I don't thing Kanye is the best fit for the position. However, these are our choices and I hope you all vote if eligible because every vote counts!

McKenzie Harris

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