C.Lark a Rising Star from The Garden City

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

1). You have a pretty dope style, it's edgy yet inviting at the same time. You scream originality, where are you from?

A) Born and raised in Augusta, GA. 706. CSRA all day. I attended Westside High school. Tutt Middle. Brynwood. Dorchester. Nattie Hills.

2) What made you use your real name instead of using a stage name?

A) My stage name is inspired by my real name. My real name Chris Larkin. My artist name is C.Lark there's no spaces in the name, no silent "e" at the end. My name's is not Clark lol

3) With so many artist coming out every single day, in so many different genres, the industry is over saturated. What is it that sets you apart from everyone else?

A) The thing that sets me apart from other people is that I'm easy to relate to. I paint a picture for most people. I have an appropriate style of rap with clean lyrics. I'm honest and humble with my choice of words. I never want people to think what I say isn't real or true.

4) Where did your love for music come from?

A) My love for music came from family and listening to their music. They listened to old school classic rock and Motown. That's what I grew up on. Motown is what really stuck. A collection of my first CDs was Marvin Gaye, The temptations, and of course Stevie wonder.

5) With performing on stage at Culture Day, did it add fuel to your fire to continue to pursue music as a career? What's next for you?

A) Everytime I perform or showcase my talent the feedback is so inspiring that there's no way I could just stop. This is my passion and with every performance I am reassured that this is what I want to do forever. The future is bright and there's more #LarkMusik to come.

6) Who would you say is your biggest supporter and why?

A) I can't just single out one supporter. My whole family including my tight knit circle of Friends. They know who they are. The ones that make it to my 2am shows on a Monday.

7) Where can the fans find your music?




IG: @larkmusik

FB: Lark Musik

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